Peruch Construction and Roofing

Putting the "OOCH" in Roofing


Peruch Construction offers (but we aren’t limited to) the following:

Remodeling & Restoration
Entire House- From top to bottom, Peruch Construction is proud to be able to offer you the opportunity to recreate your home. Step by step, we can help you redo or restore any part of your house, so you can customize it to be your own. From the smallest project, to the biggest, Peruch Construction has got you covered.

From top to bottom, we are able to offer you the services necessary to remodel and restore all parts of your home. We can help improve your home, one project at a time with a range of remodeling services! Whether it be your kitchen, bathroom, or a bedroom, we offer you options to customize and better your home!

We also offer restoration services. We restore water damage, fire damage, and even mold remediation.

Whatever your budget or what your project type may be, we’re here to provide service and quality work.

During and after storm season, rest assured that Peruch Construction can ensure the highest quality of roof services. We are certified to install and repair any types of roof, both residential and commercial. We have experience with GAF, TPO, Duro-Last, modified, and metal roofs. Whether your home’s or your business’s roof is in need of replacing, we’ve got you covered.

When storms hit, your roof may not be the only part damaged in your home. Overlooking gutter damage may cause more problems with your home’s roof, fascia, soffit, as well as interior damage. Thus, keeping up with gutter maintenance is of the upmost importance. This can be done with the use of gutter guards, a heavy gauge aluminum with micro-perforation that will allow water to flow freely while simultaneously keeping trash, debris, and even critters out.

We offer gutter maintenance, replacement, and installation. Specializing in metal guttering, we ensure that your home’s guttering is in working condition to avoid any unnecessary damages.

Peruch Construction take pride in being able to install and create custom decks for you and your family to enjoy. Any size or type, Peruch Construction can guarantee you will definitely love your deck!

We are able to offer our customers the installation of any type of fence. Wooden or metal, whatever the purpose may be, you will not regret the investment that is a brand new fence!

The most solid foundation; we offer customers expert work in the area of working with concrete. Whether it be a sidewalk, a porch or even a foundation, our experience with concrete will definitely keep you satisfied.

We take pride in providing our customers with the ability to install many things that make your home much more enjoyable to be in. Those include (but aren’t limited to):

Laminated Floor

Looking to expand your home? Peruch Construction gives you the opportunity to expand your home and make it all your own. We can help you expand your horizons and your home with personalized additions to fit the exact needs you have. Rooms, restrooms, patios, and everything in between, let us make your home bigger and better!

Peruch Construction has the ability to make the outdoors, the great outdoors! We can reconstruct your backyard, garden, front yard, patio, and so much more. If you need landscaping, a pergola, outdoor kitchens or any improvement, we can do it. We strive to make the outdoors much more enjoyable for you and family!

Peruch Construction can help you turn your kitchen into a dream come true! We provide all services that make your kitchen much more efficient and enjoyable. From kitchen tiling, island installations, cabinet replacements, counter tops, lighting, and everything in between that needs fixing. Let us transform your kitchen into something truly enjoyable.

Patio covers
Peruch Construction can make sure your patio is protected and pleasant with our wonderful patio covers. You imagine it, we create it. No matter the size or the type, we will ensure your satisfaction. Enjoy your summer to it’s fullest!

Car ports
Protect you car against the unexpected Oklahoma whether. We can install any size or type of car port. Remember, it is always to better to be safe than sorry. Let Peruch Construction make you a car port that will surely make a difference.